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Welcome to Wyoming Valley MultiSport, the area's all-inclusive community for Triathletes, Duathletes, Runners, Cyclists, and Swimmers.  Please invite your friends to join us and get involved in our training and racing community, or just for social and casual purposes.  Everyone is welcome!

WVM Website Development

Well since the Website is up and beginning to take some shape I need to start adding content. There are a few other things in the works that will hopefully be exciting to all involved. Some cool things to be on the lookout for within the coming days and weeks:

Website Upgrades in the Works!
- Blog Posts from our local experts on training, racing, and prehab/rehab.
- Blog posts from members willing to share their experiences so we can all learn.
- Social posts about events.
- Additional links to useful info about races, results, training, and industry resources.
- A multi-search tool that will give you access to web searches from Google, Bing, and Yahoo so you can use this as a homepage!

Ideas are always welcome!


UNDER CONSTRUCTION- But Making Progress!

I am finally making some headway in the development of the site.  Please look at the different links I have posted and please suggest others that I have missed.  I’ll be adding more each day from the list I’ve compiled so keep checking back.  I’ll also begin actually posting some relevant content and articles asContinue Reading